Steam Sales and the Summertime

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

Yet another quick conversation with Ken and I about the Summer sale season quickly escalated into one of the most tangent filled casts we’ve had. And if you’ve listened to previous casts, then you know that says a lot.


We started off talking about the latest Steam sale and the rules and meta that is involved with it. Ken shared some stories of selling items on the marketplace for big bucks that made me sad.

Then came a tangent filled middle as we discussed everything from Marvel vs. DC, TV vs. movies and even talking about art and classic car designs. That last one was especially tangent filled as this is supposed to be a Game Industry podcast. We also talked about the games we’ve played which for me was Transistor and Ken talked about the latest Team Fortress 2 update.

Finally we talked about the latest Tropes vs. Women video which both Ken and I had problems with. Not about the message but the evidence that she used which was an interesting conversation.