Game-Wisdom’s Best of 2016 #5

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

Coming in at #5 for 2016, we turn to the spiritual sequel to one of the few games to almost succeed in taking on Diablo in the ARPG market.


#5 Grim Dawn:

Grim Dawn has been in development for a very long time as the successor to Titan Quest. After Iron Lore went under, ex-employees formed Crate Entertainment and began working on the game.

Grim Dawn both feels like a love letter to classic ARPGs, but at the same time features refinements and new systems. Diablo 3 did a lot to streamline some of the more complicated elements of APRG design; namely in loot generation and character building.

Grim Dawn is a return to the days where just allocating one stat point felt like a huge decision. Titan Quest’s profession system makes a return, and allows players to create a “class” out of any two professions in the game. The beauty of the system is that it allows players to forge their own way through the game.

The loot generation is one of the best and most complicated on the market today. Between your skills, gear, and components that modify, there are a number of ways to create an unstoppable bad-ass. One of the later additions to the game’s development came in the form of the constellation system; further allowing for customization.

While Grim Dawn lacked the graphical polish of Diablo 3, the developers made up for it in the setting. The game took place in a lovecraftian steampunk world as humanity struggled to survive.

Grim Dawn was one of my most played games of 2016, and one of my largest let’s plays on my YouTube channel. Even after all the time spent with the game, I still feel the urge to load things up and try any of the other profession combinations.

The only thing that is really holding Grim Dawn back is the fact that its main competitor is Diablo 3. Grim Dawn hasn’t had anywhere near the number of patches and improvements that has helped refined Diablo 3 into the game that it is today. With continued support and plans for an expansion, that could change as we head into 2017

If you enjoy ARPGs and are looking for a different taste compared to Diablo 3, definitely get Grim Dawn. In fact, Grim Dawn was so good, that I actually moved it up two spots after thinking more about the game and the time I spent with it.

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