Kickstarter — Game Loading: Rise of the Indies

As many of you know, we love talking to Indie Game Developers on Game-Wisdom and the growth of the Indie market has been very interesting to watch over the years. This is why today’s Kickstarter spotlight is for the film Game Loading Rise of the Indies which takes a look at how the Indie market and its designers have grown.

Game Loading Rise of the Indies

Game Loading: Rise of the Indies —

Game Loading is a film put together by Lester Francois and Anna Brady and was on kickstarter back in 2013. The goal was to put together a film examining the growing Indie developer market and culture across the world. The kickstarter was a success and now they are returning to kickstarter one final time before releasing the film. The reason is that after traveling across the world and interviewing people like Christine Love, Rami Ismail, Zoe Quinn and a lot more, they need money to finish post production.

I know that anytime a studio has to do a second kickstarter for a project that it raises concerns but looking at what they’ve done and the people they’ve interviewed should help alleviate any feelings that this is a scam.

In the past I’ve talked about how hard it is to find information about the Game Industry, development and any names behind the games we’ve played. That’s why I’m rooting for them to succeed again and make this film the best that it can be. It’s the same reason why I spotlighted the Untold Story of Japanese Game Developers as I want there to be more information out there about the people and processes that go into game development.

There are very few professional pieces about Game Development and the people behind the games. The more we can do to demystify both game development and the developers the better in my book.