For this week’s Dissecting Design we’re taking a look back at Prototype. An interesting open-world-styled game that came out at the end of the decade, the game had all the building blocks in place to be an amazing franchise, but it did not work out for it and the developers.

  • 0:00 — Intro
  • 1:48 — Basic Gameplay
  • 6:13 — Prototype’s Progression
  • 24:04 — Side Quests
  • 37:53 — Issues With the Game
  • 46:19 — Final Thoughts
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For this week’s Dissecting Design, I took a look at the monetization model of South Park Phone Destroyer and how it encapsulate all the best/worst aspects of monetized game design.

  • 0:00 — Intro and Campaign Play
  • 7:16 — South Park Phone Destroyer’s Best Parts
  • 11:12 — Progress in the Game and P2W Aspects
  • 18:30 — The PVP Push
  • 30:46 — Final Thoughts
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This is the recording from my live cast with Game Economist Ramin Shokrizade. For this week, we talked about what it means to introduce microtransactions into f2p games.

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This week’s Dissecting Design looks at Odallus the Dark Call, a game that elevated classic design with its own unique touches. While the game looks like a NES title, there were certainly no games exactly like this back in the day.

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 1:21: Basic Gameplay
  • 8:09: What Helped to Elevate the Game
  • 21:04: The Progression System at its Max
  • 24:42: Outro
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