Discussing the Game Industry with Ernest Adams (Part 1)

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

This week, Ken and I had the pleasure of talking with game designer, IGDA founder and author Ernest Adams about his thoughts on game design and development of the Game Industry.


We were somewhat pressed for time as Ernest did have to leave which led to some topics feeling a bit constrained. We started off with introductions and Ernest’s thoughts on certain areas of game development. Since Ernest was the founder of the IGDA, he also explained what led him to found the organization in 1994. We also talked about the differences in the Game Industry compared to other industries when it comes to having spokesmen or heroes.

Ken took the reins to ask Ernest about his thoughts on virtual reality and how it’s coming back with the Oculus Rift.

We then started talking about game design itself which was a fascenating conversation. With topics that include — what is a good game, thoughts on bad design and more. We started talking about the parallels with the film industry and how game developers have film envy when our time ran out. But don’t worry as we’re going to be setting up a part two cast possibly next week to talk about the rest of the topics that we didn’t have time for.

  • Here is Ernest’s site where you can find links to his articles, books and more
  • The No Twinkie Database, where Ernest has talked almost every year about poor game design, a great read for anyone interested in understanding good and bad design
  • And of course for those that don’t know about it, the IGDA site
  • As an update, here is part 2 that occurred almost a year later