#3 on my list is a game that continues a developer’s track record of combining amazing aesthetics with unique design.

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#3: Invisible Inc:

Klei Entertainment continues to outdo themselves with every new game these days and Invisible Inc is one of their strongest titles yet. The music and aesthetics fit perfectly in this cyberpunk-esque future.

Stealth design is one of the hardest genres to get right, even more so when you’re doing it turn-based. Yet Invisible Inc manages to work thanks to a variety of characters and means at your disposal to get the job done. The game’s procedurally generated levels means that no two plays will be the same and having an endless mode ensures that you’ll always have something to go after.

Since its release, the developers have released one piece of expansion DLC while fixing any bugs. Similar to their previous hit of Don’t Starve, this is a game that I would love them to continue working and expanding on.

Again, I have to talk about how great Invisible Inc is from a harmonizing perspective. Klei Entertainment has gotten that tricky balance down of combining aesthetics with design and it does a lot to elevate the game. This is one of those titles where you just want to know everything about the characters and situation, because of how well everything is designed.

The game comes close to matching XCOM Enemy Within as one of my favorite PC games released in the last few years. I would really like to see them expand the meta-game side of things and make the endless mode almost like a career mode of running the agency.

However, Klei Entertainment is on one hell of a streak in terms of their games and continues to be one of the top tier Indie studios around.

We’re coming down to the wire for 2015, and #2 is a game I’m sure that everyone is going to have somewhere on their own personal lists this year; I can’t give anymore hints than that, as it would give it away quite easily.

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