Examining the Action Genre

This week on the cast, Ken and I were joined by a friend of mine: Pete for one of the longer casts we’ve had in awhile.


This week’s cast was only supposed to last for about an hour as Pete had to go, but we kept on finding things to talk about and time just went on and on. After introductions and talking about the city building genre, we moved on to news this week. We spent some time discussing a Gamasutra post about why one designer will not put his game on sale.

We also talked more about VR and the Oculus Rift and news about how they are pitching the new HD remake of Tomb Raider. We talked spoiler free about Broken Age before getting to the main topic this week: the action genre.

Pete and I talked about why we loved DMC, what makes a good or bad action game along with some of our favorites. Some problems with my audio during the editing forced me to start again from scratch which was why the cast was delayed, but I did end up sounding clearer than I’ve been before.