Lessons on Localizing Videogames

Perceptive Podcast

For this episode of the Perceptive Podcast, my guest is localization manager, Yana. She’s from Alconost, a company that’s been providing game localization services for several years.

This is what we talked about: 

  1. How the game localization process is set up and where it starts from
  2. Which tools are used for professional localization and how translation memory actually works 
  3. Character storytelling maintenance across languages: why translators may need to know the game characters’ backgrounds or even height
  4. Local holidays, colors meaning, etc.: how to deal with the different cultural aspects of localization
  5. How the localization testing process is done and what can happen if you skip it
  6. Why some languages are cheaper than others
  7. Popular localization languages and rising stars
  8. What continuous localization is
  9. Real stories from behind the scenes: why localization is both challenging and exciting at the same time

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