Perceptive Podcast: Cryptic Comet Conversation

This week on the cast, Ken couldn’t make it but I was joined by owner and lead designer of Cryptic Comet: Vic Davis. We talked about how he started in game development, the perils of an Indie designer and some titles that we have both been playing.

We also talked about the design behind Armageddon Empires, Solium Infernum and his upcoming title: Occult Chronicles.

After last week’s issue with the audio I kept things on the louder end and I’m curious to hear what everyone thinks. If the voices were too loud I can normalize it on my end and make it a little quieter. Sadly at the very end of the cast, apparently the Elder Gods wanted Vic to leave and drew a death card for his hard drive and I was unable to get him back, leaving the end of the cast a bit disjointed.