Wadjet Eye Games And the Adventure Genre

This week I was joined by Dave Gilbert: founder of Wadjet Eye Games, makers of more traditional adventure games, without the insane puzzles.

Wadjet Eye Games

We had a great cast this week, first talking about how Wadjet Eye was created and how Dave started down the path as an adventure game designer. We talked about how the industry has changed, specifically the adventure genre over the years and his thoughts on recent successes like The Walking Dead.

Then a discussion on kickstarter and early access and what Dave’s thoughts are on the topics before talking about the adventure game genre itself. What his views are on good puzzle design, classic games and how the genre has evolved. At 1:01:52, we began a spoiler filled discussion on the Blackwell series, how it started, story and the decisions that are going into the last game in the series: Blackwell Epiphany.¬†

This lasted until 1:35:30 when we moved on to wrap things up with some general questions about Blackwell Epiphany¬†along with what’s coming next from Wadjet Eye.

  • Here is The Wadjet Eye site, where you can find all the information about Dave’s games and you can purchase them directly.