Perceptive Podcast: Loot Grabbing and Planet Smashing

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

This week, returning guest Paul Tobia joined me for a weekend cast to catch up and share his thoughts on the recently released Planetary Annihilation.

Perceptive Podcast

We started talking about the recent comment from ESPN president John Skipper on his thoughts that E-Sports are not considered a sport to him. Both of us felt that he was wrong as we talked about the amount of work that goes into playing a game at the competitive level and how developers are making games more E-Sports friendly.

We then moved on to games we’ve played, where I talked about my recent experience with Diablo 3’s new season mode and examining the “end game” in the form of rifts and greater rifts. Besides talking about Planetary Annihilation, Paul briefly went over his time with Titanfall and Invisible Inc. There was also a brief tangent into Marvel vs. DC news as we shared our thoughts on the two mega IPs, all the more interesting by the fact that neither of us are comic book fans.

Lastly we came to talking about Planetary Annihilation which is a big deal for fans of macro styled RTS, which have been on a decline lately. Both Paul and I were kickstarter backers while he has spent more time with it than me. We discussed our thoughts on the UI, gameplay, progress over the year and how Uber is trying to position it as a popular option for the E-Sports Market.

We also brought in our love of Rise of Nations to talk about why it was such a great game and having a great UI to boot.

And as I mentioned on the cast, I will be on vacation at the end of this week and there will not be another podcast this week.